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What is a independent and a dependent variable?

This is for Science class it's about this simpson worksheet which you have to find out the dependent and the independent variable please help thanks!!!What is a independent and a dependent variable?
i mathematics

dependent variable means the value which depends on any other value....for example if you take f(x)=2x+1 and you put the # 2 instead of "x" will get something like....



so here, number "2" is independent and number "5" is dependent on number 2. so "5" is dependent always mostly in all cases....the thing that you put inside is independent and what you got as an answer is dependent....i hope this might work for you....
indep.- variable you change on purpose

dep.- variable that depends on something ( not just given)What is a independent and a dependent variable?;ps_mht=true Take FREE H ELP .........NO Charges for FIRST HOMEWORK HELP.....Just log on and click on there live support . or Schedule your FREE SESSION. ..............................Hey Guys ..........i am taking this Help ...........and its really working for me .....I got very good score in math ............And i am looking forward to join for SAT . They are awesome ......U can also check their FREE WORKSHEETS.or mail me at kanpree@gmail.comWhat is a independent and a dependent variable?
Dependent and independent variables refer to values that change in relationship to each other. The dependent variables are those that are observed to change in response to the independent variables. The independent variables are those that are deliberately manipulated to invoke a change in the dependent variables. In short, "if x is given, then y occurs", where x represents the independent variables and y represents the dependent variables.

Depending on the context, independent variables are also known as predictor variables, regressors, controlled variables, manipulated variables, or explanatory variables.

The dependent variable is also known as the response variable, the regressand, the measured variable, the responding variable, the explained variable, or the outcome variable.

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