Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What is the dependent and independent variable?

So I have to test this claim saying that this brand of paper plates are the strongest and im testing them against this other im going to keep piling the same kind of food until each plate wilts or bends.... What is the dependent and independent variable? and things i would keep constant when doing the experiment?What is the dependent and independent variable?
i just asked a question like that but... hmm...

independent variable is the aspect in the experiment the scientist changes

dependent variable is the aspect being measured.

Thats just the definitions i found in my backpack and you can check on

the thing you keep constant is control variable or control group!

also, this is the example i used...

A Scientist is seeing how tall an animal would grow with Super Grow Animal Food (this was just of the top of my head) The independent variable is the type of animal.

the dependent variable is how tall they grow.

the control is the amount of food given (exact same amount)


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