Saturday, February 4, 2012

PSYCHOLOGY:What independent variable can I manipulate?

I need to design a "true experiment" and need two independent variables (IV) and one dependent variable (DV).

One of my independent variables is: ACTUAL/IDEAL discrepancies (in other words how far your actual self is from the person you want to be.

The dependent variable is: DEPRESSION

I'm suggesting that the further your actual self is from your ideal self, the greater your vulnerability for depression.


I need another IV and it needs to be one that is manipulated.PSYCHOLOGY:What independent variable can I manipulate?
I think maybe I'm misreading your intentions for the experiment, but it sounds like you're wanting to design an experiment that would involve an element of self-report (perhaps on a questionaire each participant would fill out). To me, it doesn't sound like the actual/ideal discrepencies in personality can actually be considered as one of your independent variables, because they are a more permanent trait rather than a variable or category someone can be randomly assigned to.

It sounds like an interesting study, but it would be really hard to make this idea into an actual psychological experiment. My suggestion is to scrap it for something different. Make sure your IVs involve something that isn't innate to people or their personalities.

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