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What is an Independent and dependent variable?

When you think of the word "independent" you often think of being independent and not needing anyone helping you to make choices, etc. In matters of science the word "independent" is the opposite! Meaning, the independent variable is helped along - or changed! The word "dependent" means to rely on someone or something to help you! But, in science the word dependent Variable means the opposite. A dependent variable stays the same. It is not helped along by scientists.What is an Independent and dependent variable?
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In science, these are referring to the results. Look back to the problem statement of the experiment. More or less, it can be phrased as "How does _____ affect _____?" This first blank is the independent variable. The second one is then the dependent variable. The dependent variable is dependent on the independent variable. It is affected by this. The dependent variable does not stay the same. It varies. If, for example, you are doing an experiment, "How does temperature affect density of water?" You must know that the colder the water, the denser it is. That makes the temperature the independent variable. Let's say you are testing it at 20 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius. The dependent variable, the density, will not be the same, right?

Also, yes, the independent variable is changed. But that is why it is a variable. It is independent because it is not affected.

I hope this helps!What is an Independent and dependent variable?
Youve got it right and heres how i remember it, independent means not needing anything, because of a change, and dependent depends on others to stay themselves. Other names are
Independent:predictor variable, regressor, controlled variable, manipulated variable, explanatory variable, exposure variable, input variable
Dependent:response variable,regressand,measured variable,observed variable,responding variable,explained variable,outcome variable,experimental variable,output variable.
Hope this helps!What is an Independent and dependent variable?
Nope! You got them mixed up!

How you change the independent variable affects the dependent variable. For example, in a photoelectric effect experiment, an increase in frequency (the independent variable), changes the kinetic energy (the dependent variable). How the dependent variable changes *depends* on how the independent variable changes.

Independent variable is the only variable the experimenter changes, and he/she measures the changes of the dependent variable.
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