Thursday, December 29, 2011

Combining two names to make a unique baby name?

I'm having a baby boy in December. My husband and I want to combine both of our names to make a unique name for our baby. My name is Marsha and his name is Ricardo. He came up with Markelo and I like it. I'm not too sure about the spelling though, it's just the name Mark with an elo at the end. Any suggestions on spelling and any other suggestions on different combos of our names to create a baby name?

Thx.|||I like Markelo. Its unique but not weird sounding. PLus he would get mark for a nick name which is a name everyone has heard of. I like the spelling. Marcelo would be another option but it might get pronounced differently.|||Looking at some of the answers and the name Rasha is a girl's name. But I think it would be alright as a boy's name.

Anyway, Suggestions


Carsha ( /car/do and sha )






Big pappi.|||Shacardo|||Marcado


I just don't think it's going to work.|||The Hulk :D|||S|||Macardo

Rasha - i like this one

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